The entry of the Mobaddel Khodroye Pak Company into the supply chain of automotive companies emerging by the end of 2022.


The Mobaddel Khodroye Pak Company has taken sustainable steps to reduce environmental pollution by maximizing the benefits of automotive monolith production with enhancing product quality, customer satisfaction and reducing cost. Also, the company try to strengthen the country’s economic foundations by localizing technical knowledge and reducing the cost of production components.

Corporate values:

  • Organizational commitment and motivation for continuous learning.
  • A spirit of cooperation, empathy and intimate communication among the employees of the organization.
  • Responsible Customer Respect and Accountability.
  • Hard work to achieve the vision.
  • Adherence to technical and legal principles and requirements.
  • Honoring human capital and striving to institutionalize the principle of meritocracy.
  • Taking the principle of quality as a sustainable code of growth.
  • Trying to consolidate the brand of clean vehicle converter as a pioneer in reducing environmental pollution.
  • Providing maximum shareholder satisfaction.