A Brief History of the CAC Company

CAC (Clean Automobile Catalyst Convertor Company) is a private joint stock company which was established in 2015 and started catalyst production in 2017.

Using the latest global robotic equipment in the field of monolith production, the company has been a leader in this field as a main supply chain of Iran Khodro Industrial Group (The biggest OEM in Iran) by producing catalyst of local cars as well as most type of Peugeot and Renault catalyst convertor in Iran (65% market share). With best R&D team, CAC could be able to produce monoliths of other OEM and aftermarket brands from all over the world.

CAC main mission is to take an effective step in preserving the environment and a pure heavenly gift to the children of Iran. For making this mission to reality, CAC improve Quality Management System by obtaining the certification of IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 from IMQ Italy.

To supply at a high level and develop their products in accordance with the trust of catalyst industry in order to guarantee our products and gain customer’s trust, CAC has full and sufficient supervision over its main processes, including quality and productivity.
The next CAC strategy is to supply after market products in Iran as well as producing heavy vehicles catalyst.