A Brief History of the MobadelKHodroye Pak Company
Mobadel Khodroye Pak Company was established in 2015 and its catalyst production plant was put into operation in 2017. The company started with the initial production of TU3 and TU5 monoliths. In 2019, as a manufacturer of EF7 catalyst, it started to grow. Using the latest global robotic equipment in the field of monolith production, the company has been a leader in this field. And as the main supply chain of Iran Khodro Industrial Group in the field of catalysts continues.

Clean Car Converter Company intends to supply the spare parts market with its long-term planning. And take an effective step in preserving the environment and a pure heavenly gift to the children of this land. Clean Car Converter Company is a private joint stock company and in 2018, by obtaining the certification of car quality management system IATF 16949: 2016 and ISO 9001: 2015 from IMQ Italy, it took a step towards globalization.

The commendable trust of the managers and managers of the country’s automotive industry in the capability and high capability of the domestic parts supply chain, made us more committed and responsible to the future of this industry, so that the clean car converter has its technical, engineering and production capabilities. To supply at a high level and to develop it in accordance with the trust of this industry, and by maintaining quality in production and increasing productivity at work, in addition to guaranteeing the trust of customers, to achieve its strategic ideals more than before.