Symptoms of catalyst failure

Symptoms of catalyst failure: One of the most important parts of a car that is made as part of pollution standards and in some countries is part of the mandatory requirements and needs of cars is called a catalyst.

Disturbed Catalyst

In this article, we try to summarize the signs of gasoline car catalyst failure.

  • Sudden increase in car fuel consumption
  • Acceleration drop
  • Your car may not start or it may start badly
  • Your car will fail the emissions test
  • The warning light (check light) on the back of the amp turns on.
  • Malfunction of the vehicle with vibration at idle speed
  • Bad smell is one of the most common symptoms of catalyst failure. Smells like rotten eggs are a sign of catalyst failure
  • Catalyst temperature drop (Considering that the actual efficiency of the catalyst is when the temperature rises and it is even possible to approach the limit of 700 and 800 degrees, so the catalyst that after a while driving and warming up the engine has not yet reached its ideal temperature) It is defective Of course, the way to detect the temperature of the catalyst requires a device called an (infrared thermometer).
  • If the car is completely cold, if you shake the catalyst with your hand and you hear a sound similar to the shaking of pebbles inside it, it is a sign that the networks inside it are falling.

If you see signs of catalyst failure, replace and repair your car’s exhaust catalyst to avoid future costs and to contribute to clean air.

What is a catalyst?

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